GJ0A0707-Edit-72dpiThaddeus O. Cooper was born in New Jersey. Growing up, he summered at the Jersey shore playing Skee-Ball and spent his spare time in the library the rest of the year. Educated in Fine Arts and Theatre at Penn State, he worked in technical theatre for a number of years. After shifting his career to computer science, he blended his arts background with his skills in digital technology for software development and multimedia projects. Relocating to L.A. as a sound recordist and then to the Bay Area of California, he rediscovered Skee-Ball on his iPhone and set out to produce a short video about its history and how it entered the digital age. Thaddeus and his co-author Kevin Kreitman published the history of Skee-Ball, “Seeking Redemption: The Real Story of the Beautiful Game of Skee-Ball” in December 2016.

Thaddeus lives with his wife and two cats, Mao Mao and Dorian, in the San Francisco Bay area.