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Seeking Redemption recently got a chance to sit down with Thaddeus Cooper, co-author of “Seeking Redemption: The Real Story of the Beautiful Game of Skee-Ball” to chat with him about his upcoming trip to Austin, Texas this October between the 25th and 30th.

Seeking Redemption: Thanks for taking some time to sit down and talk to us.

Thaddeus Cooper: My pleasure.

SR: So, you’re bound for Austin TX at the end of the month. Why are you going?  (And what does it have to do with Seeking Redemption: The Real Story of the Beautiful Game of Skee-Ball?)

TC: Well, I’m going to Austin to be at The BEEB, the Brewskee-Ball National Championship for 2017.   [The] Brewskee-Ball National Championship is the biggest Skee-Ball event of the year.  We’ve made friends with a lot of folks when we were working on the book— Eric Pavony, and a bunch of cool people including champions Brewbacca and Skeevi Strauss. I’ll be selling both the hardback and softcover books and I’ll be giving away books as prizes for the winners at the events. These events are amazing. The rollers take Skee-Ball to a whole new level of play.

SR: Who’s involved? Who will you be seeing?

TC: Eric Pavony is the mover and shaker behind the league. He also co-owns the Full Circle Bar in Austin, where the BEEB is happening. 

We’re also hoping to see a bunch of the prior years champions— Joey Mucha (Joey the Cat) who’s won three times, Roy Hinojosa (Brewbacca) who won last year, Tracy Townsend, who goes by Trace-Face, and in 2015 was the first woman ever to win a National championship in Skee-Ball. 

There are also a bunch of great rollers from Austin that I met on my first trip and I’m looking forward to seeing again. I understand some of San Francisco contingent is coming, don’t know who yet.  

And we’ll see Holly Hampton, from Bay Tek Games (manufacturer of Skee-Ball alleys) and some folks she’s bringing with her. It’s going to be a great chance to see old friends and meet more folks who are very enthusiastic about our book and the documentary project. 

SR: What are you going to do in Austin while you’re there?

TC: The actual BEEB event is Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Thursday evening, I’m hosting a FaceBook live event with at least one special guest, and we’ll be talking about Austin, and the BEEB—that will be around 7-8pm Central Standard Time. Immediately following that, I’ll be heading to the rooftop bar of the downtown Westin (weather permitting) for an Author Meet-and-Greet from 8pm on. In case of rain, we’ll be down in the first floor bar there at the Westin. We’ll also be lifting a glass to Joseph Fourestier Simpson, the original inventor of Skee-Ball, who was born Oct 31,1852.  Friday through Sunday, we’ll be at the event, selling books with special event pricing discounts, And we’re looking forward to being on hand for the presentation of books to five of the winners as part of the event. So we’re really excited, and it will be really cool to meet everybody who has expressed interest in the book and see everybody over the course of those few days.  

SR: Where will you be in Austin?  When will things be happening?

TC: The event will be held at the Full Circle Bar 1810 E. 12th Street, Friday thru Sunday October 27, 28, 29.. We’ll have our Thursday events on October 26 at the Westin Austin, Downtown 310 East 5th Street starting at 7pm, and meeting in Azul, the rooftop bar, weather permitting, from 8-10pm.

You can find the full schedule for all of The BEEB related events here.


About the author:

Thaddeus Cooper is the co-author of Seeking Redemption: The Real Story of the Beautiful Game of Skee-Ball, a deep dive into the history of the game. You can find more information about Thaddeus, and his co-author, and their book, at:


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